...for all who teach the arts to children, inspiring and creating magic on a shoestring budget. 

... and to all of my arts teachers through the years:

to Mrs. Wilson at Thomas Lake Elementary who instilled in a little girl the love of singing.

to Mrs. McConnell at Meridian Junior High who made an awkward teenage girl realize she had something special to share with the world. 

to Mr. Doell at Kentridge High School who wanted me to sing atop a baby grand, and fell asleep on the stage while building it.

to Mrs. Robinson who always gave and never asked for anything in return.  

to Dr. Wright and Mrs. Widdison of the Seattle Girls' Choir who instilled in me a strong work ethic, personal accountability, and, above all, a desire for excellence.  

to the late Elise Arnold who poured all her unfulfilled dreams into me and without whom I never would have earned a music scholarship.

to Malinee Peris and the late Tzvetan Konstantinov whom I didn't deserve and who tried to teach me to play the piano and, in the end, just let me sing to them.

to Muriel Von Villas and Ed Roberts, and all the beloved family at "Chez More" . There isn't enough space on this page to express all that you've meant to me.  Thank you for opening your home and hearts to me.  Most of all, thank you for helping me find my true voice and giving me a sense of self I never thought possible.