We're so proud that we raised over $2400 in our first year from people in our local community and far away!! 

"The generous support from Whimsically Witchy enabled me to acquire essential show design materials, printed musicals, some small handheld instruments, and other music literature. Additionally, as we geared up for our school year performances, these funds proved invaluable, allowing me to invest in costuming and set designs. I'm profoundly grateful for the support from Whimsically Witchy, as the fund contribution enriched our shows and empowered the students to pursue their musical passions and creativity."

~Berkeley Harner, Music Teacher, McSwain Elementary School

"With the WHIMSICALLY WITCHY Art funds, I was able to purchase several things that will be used for years to come including a class set of gelli printing plates and a paper guillotine. Both of these items are for printmaking and used to make mixed media art. Additionally, I was able to purchase fabric, yarn, hemp cord, hand-made paper, paint and craft aluminum for different grade-levels of students to experience jewelry making, sewing, book-making and other forms of crafting.  It was amazing to have a supplemental money source to get the permanent (pricey) items and to purchase the additional consumable items for the art program. 

I love your enthusiasm and love for the arts!"

~Tina Purdy, Art Teacher, McSwain Elementary