...to my husband, whose idea it was to put some simple headstones in our yard. He didn't realize that I would need to take it to the next level. Now he is a hostage to my Halloween madness.

...to my dear Seattle Girls' Choir "Alum Chum", Lara. We've sang high C's, ridden on Soviet trains, and now have made a whimsical little witch fly on a cello! Your creativity and artistry are only surpassed by your capacity for love.

...to my other SGC Alum Buds ~ Camille, Jen and Amy ~ I wouldn't have made it through COVID without our text thread. Thank you for loving me because of my insanity, not in spite of it. I love you, pass it on!

...to my beloved, macabre, Halloween partner-in-crime, Nicole. Thank you for being excited about all one million Halloween texts and for helping me bring "Lucinda" to life!

...to our nephew, Sam, who never imagined that his engineering degree would one day be used for ghosts! Your design is the perfect fusion of art and science.

...to Dan for coming to the rescue when USPS didn't live up to its credo.

...to all the wonderful and amazing staff at the Staunton Augusta Waynesboro Habitat for Humanity.

...to Stacy and Elisa of the McSwain Elementary PTA for being such INCREDIBLE partners.

...to Abena, Amy, Dillon, Fiona, Hillary, James, Jason, Matt, Stephanie and Vera for making sure no one tripped over electrical cords on McSwain Family Fun Night.

...to Jason and Stephanie for going above and beyond to make ghosts fly.

...to my installation crew ~ Heather and Brooks. You know that you have true friends when they spend an entire day rolling around in the dirt, trying to run electric cords through witches and having their arms cut up in with jagged chicken wire.

...to all the neighborhood kids who covered the yard in cobwebs.

...to Matt and Dillon who were there to help when I had to disembowel and hotwire a tree.

...to Brett for egging me on and to Sarah for tolerating it!

...to Matthew for taking amazing photos, despite being tired.

...to my brother, Little Tim, for saying "sure" to yard signs and my Mom for always being whimsical.

...to the Gab-n-Go Girls, Erin, Heather, Hillary, for supporting me in every way imaginable.
Love you ladies!

...to Jessica, who always tells me, "Everything is perfectly fine here."